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El Salinero Theatre hosts the dance show “Hábitat”

On Thursday 23rd of November at 9pm, the El Salinero Theatre  hosts the dance show “Hábitat” created by Daniel Doña Dance Company. The choreographer of Granada presents himself as one of the top exponents of the current Spanish ballet, joining in his works the artistic essence of different languages, moving between avant-garde Spanish dance, flamenco and contemporary dance, breaking down several stylistic barriers. HEBE d’Onore Award 2016, MAX Awards of Scenic Arts 2009, headed by his company since 2004, Daniel Doña has become one of the nation’s premier innovators with shows that blend tradition with new trends in flamenco research. The dancer defines this work as “the fruit of the need to build its own habitat, a place where to leave traces, traces, signals. “I intend to create an environment where new forms of coexistence can be sown, an intersection of languages ​​between different artistic expressions that meet the criteria of diversity, singularity and plurality. A scenario where to propose new structures, order my dance and investigate the limits of my choreographic course”.

Tickets are 12 euros and can be purchased online, at the Department of Culture of Cabildo between 9am to 2 pm, or at the Theater Ticket the same day of the show one hour before the performance starts.

Further information: www.danieldona.es

Text by Katia Virdis


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